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Company Profile

Overseas Chinese Town (Asia) Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as OCT (Asia)) was listed on t…




The information presented on the website of OCT (Asia) is general information that introduces the operations, services and activities of the corporation. OCT (Asia) tries to be accurate when compiling the website information, but is not obliged to update the information. OCT (Asia) believes that the data on the website are reliable but subject to change at any time without prior notice.


You agree and understand that the data, materials, services and software on the website of OCT (Asia) are provided "as-is" and "in-being" without any form (explicit or implicit) of guarantee. OCT (Asia) shall not make any commitment or statement as to the accuracy, timeliness, reliability, completeness, and security of data, materials, services or software herein, or whether they are free of virus, free of right infringement, or suitable for sale or any special purpose. When the law permits, OCT (Asia) shall not acknowledge any guarantee (explicit or implicit) in respect of quality satisfaction, purpose suitability or absence of infringement, and herein dismiss any implied terms or guarantee to that effect.


The website may have forward-looking statements, which may not be accurately related to the past or the present facts, and may include such words as Assume, Believe, Be going to, Plan and Expect, by which you can make your own judgment. OCT (Asia) believes it has been as discreet as possible when making such future plans and assumptions, but shall not guarantee to realize the stated results. OCT (Asia) has no plan or responsibility to update the forward-looking statements.


Should there be any delay, deletion, loss, change of channel, change or damage of information herein, OCT (Asia) shall not be held reliable for any loss thus caused to you.


The website of OCT (Asia) may have the links of third parties that are not under control of the corporation. OCT (Asia) shall not make any explicit or implicit praise, approval, recommendation or preference to those websites of third parties or the products and services they provide. You shall take risks by yourself for using or browsing those websites of third parties or the products and services they provide.


Under any circumstance, OCT (Asia) shall not be held reliable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or special loss or damage resulting from using our website.


The terms and conditions herein are under governance of and interpreted in line with the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.